Our Story

We want to empower our beloved pets.

Our beloved pets are not just stimulated by taste, but greatly by smell.

Working with expert pet nutritionists, we developed our first product - chicken gravy powder. One for cats, one for dogs

Mix to form a gravy or add more water to make a soup. Use as a powder.

It is not only tasty, but smells great, stimulating noses.

The gravy is a healthy alternative to many of the complementary foods out there. It is high in protein and has added taurine and vitamin Bs to support health. Simply add more warm water to increase water intake.

The idea for this product arose when our pets stopped touching edible leftovers because the smell was lost. We wanted to activate an appealing smell to stimulate their hunger and get them to eat up edible leftovers, reducing food wastage.

We have chosen sustainable ingredients i.e. chicken liver, which are not widely eaten and often goes to waste. Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

We are inspired by sustainability and at the same time, strive to produce innovative products using high-quality ingredients to support pets' health.

We strive to be a brand that has strong ethics. We are currently donating 10% of our sales to Ukraine's largest cats and dogs shelter, Sirius. We are still donating to Cats Protection every month and a number of our products to animal shelters.

Please keep an eye out for more of our sustainable, high-quality and innovative creations. Much love to you and your beloved pets.