Cats Surprising Facts - Series 1, Post 1

  • Cats have the ability to rotate their ears 180 degrees! This allows them to precisely pinpoint the direction of a sound. 

Meanwhile, our ears are just stuck in one place. Cats' hearing is definitely much more advanced.

  • Most cats have 18 toes - 5 on each of their front paws and 4 on each of the back!

Cats actually walk on their toes, like dinosaurs. By walking on their toes, they are much quieter and faster, which makes them pros at hunting and avoiding predators. 

  • Cats spend the majority of their time sleeping. Two-thirds!

We are jealous of how much beauty sleep a cat gets but the main reason why cats spend so much time sleeping is to conserve their energy to hunt. Even though we feed our furries, their instinct from their ancestors lives on... 

  • Cats can jump up to 5 or 6 times their own height! Imagine if we had that ability.

Cats have a very flexible spine. They have a total of 53 vertebrae, which is 20 more than hoomans. Their back legs are strong and longer than their front legs and do not need as much bone density as hoomans. 

  • In the UK, there are more pet cats than pet dogs!

According to the Paw Report 2021, there are 10.7 million cats in the UK compared to 9.6 million dogs. We think the reason why this surprises us is because we are so used to seeing dogs out and about i.e. in parks but not cats! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!