Empower Paw's unique chicken gravy powders work as a delicious topper for both wet and dry foods.

Mix to form a gravy, add more water to make a soup or use as a powder.

A great way to encourage the eating up of foods and increase of water intake.

Cats and dogs have very few taste receptors relative to their scent receptors so it’s the smell rather than the flavour that stimulates their hunger. This gravy has both delicious chicken taste and aroma, which makes it irresistible for our furries! Especially great for fussy eaters!

The gravy is a healthy alternative to many of the toppers / treats out there. It is high in protein (c. 95% meat), has added vitamin Bs and taurine (taurine for cats only) to support health and immunity.

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Our Story

We want to empower our beloved pets.

Our beloved pets are not just stimulated by taste, but greatly by smell.

Working with expert pet nutritionists, we developed our first product - chicken gravy powder. One for cats, one for dogs. The first ever gravy powders for pets!

Mix to form a gravy or add more water to make a soup. Use as a powder.

It is not only tasty, but smells great, stimulating noses.

The gravy is a healthy alternative to many of the complementary foods out there. It is high in protein (c. 95% meat), has added vitamin Bs and taurine (taurine for cats only) to support health and immunity. Simply add more warm water to increase water intake.

The idea for this product arose when our pets stopped touching edible leftovers because the smell was lost. We wanted to activate an appealing smell to stimulate their hunger and get them to eat up edible leftovers, reducing food waste.

We have chosen sustainable ingredients i.e. chicken liver, which are not widely eaten and often goes to waste. Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

We are inspired by sustainability and at the same time, strive to produce innovative products using high quality ingredients to support pets' health.

We strive to be a brand that has strong ethics. We are currently donating 10% of our sales to Ukraine's largest cats and dogs shelter, Sirius. We are still donating to Cats Protection every month and a number of our products to animal shelters.

Please keep an eye out for more of our sustainable, high quality and innovative creations. Much love to you and your beloved pets.




My lovely boy cat Max has a number of chronic health conditions, all of which are managed with drugs on his food. Unfortunately for us he is also the world's pickiest cat, which drives us mad but keeps the local rescue centre well-stocked as we slowly work our way through the local pet shop's offerings. We have been looking for a way to get the drugs in him so when he doesn't eat his food, we know that he will be ok.

I cannot begin to list everything we have tried - fresh chicken stock, yogurt, custard, cheese sauce, tuna water and so on, and clearly some of these were not going to be good for him long-term even if he had liked them.

Then came along, Empower Paw's Cats Chicken Gravy. He was enthusiastic from the off, much to my surprise! We are now 2 weeks in and that enthusiasm hasn't waned at all. It gives me such joy that he gets so excited when we give it to him and he wolfs down the lot every time.

He is so much happier and far more manageable as a result as he is getting is drugs consistently and entirely. It's easy and quick to make up too. Where has this been all his life??? And we can feed it safe in the knowledge that it is made of good stuff and doing him good too. What an innovative product!



My dogs absolutely love this gravy. It makes them so excited for their meal times! I love how good the ingredients are in it, so all of mine are able to enjoy this. It doesn’t smell, it's easy to make! Highly recommend!



What a curious and amazing product! The delivery was fast and the container was intact on the arrival.

It is only a couple of days that I have been using the gravy powder, but my dog seems to like it a lot. Happy days because she is usually fussy about her food and not a great eater. Read the label and it looks natural with vitamins as a bonus.

We will definitely use it again in the future.



I swear this stuff is some black (cat) magic. This product has been a saviour for my little fussy eater. My cat always loved food that swims in gravy. He would quite often just lick off the gravy from the tinned food and leave the actual meat. As he eats a lot of raw meat, this gravy powder really comes in handy.

It’s basically a powdered chicken liver (yum!) with added essential cat nutrients. I use probably about half a teaspoon twice a day. Simply mix it with lukewarm water to make the gravy or “cat soup”. We mix it with the meat and it works amazing. For the first time ever my cat actually finishes his food without leaving leftovers. We’ve been using the powder for almost a month and there’s still about a third of the pack left.

It’s a perfect product if your cat struggles to drink enough water.

I’m honestly really happy with this Empower paw gravy powder, and what’s more important, my cat absolutely loves it. Will be purchasing more of it in the future. Highly, highly recommended! 👍🏻



We've just tried Empower Paw's cat gravy with our cat Heidi. She loves her food in gravy so we simply had to try this for her immediately! Once ordered, it arrived quickly and we go to work on the simple instructions on how to make the gravy up. As soon as the food bowl was placed on the floor, Heidi dived straight in and licked it all up within seconds. Not only your cat can enjoy the gravy on its own but you can add it to meat or dry food. This product is a revelation and Heidi looks forward to this new addition to her diet. Happy cat equals happy pawrents!

Heidi's Owner


An absolutely lovely chicken gravy! My cat's experience was amazing and she absolutely loved it. I had to take it away after a while as she got too obsessed.



Such an innovative and incredible creation. I'm shocked it hasn't been thought of before! Great way to get our Trudie to gobble up the remainders of her dinner and minimise food wastage at the same time!


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