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From many of our customer reviews, all dogs enjoy our Chicken Gravy Powder for Cats. The gravy works as a good supplement containing protein and B vitamins (which do not interfere with the existing foods) to support health. Plus, it increases water intake. Win, win both ways. 

See below for photos of our dog fans!

We are so pleased that the very sweet and pawgeous Coco (@blondeandtzus) and her dog pals love our chicken gravy! Apparently it makes them so excited for their meal times, the best way to be before any meal! 

Empower Paw dogs gravy

The furbulous Leone thought our gravy is brilliant! Apparently Leone is very fussy and the gravy helps her finish her meals straightaway!

Empower Paw dog gravy

We are so glad the very pawdorable Parker (@parker.dachshund) loves our chicken gravy! Lick, lick, lick! 👅

The very happy Alfie absolutely loves our chicken gravy! Just look how smiley he looks! 👅