Cats Surprising Facts - Series 1, Post 2

  • Cats cannot taste sweetness. 

Their taste buds responsible for detecting sweetness are not sensitive to sweetness.

  • Cats have whiskers on the back of their front legs - not on their back legs

The whiskers on the back of their front legs give them information about the position of their prey.

  • Aside from using their whiskers to sense the air's vibrations which is why they're so good at accurately jumping to spots, chasing prey and avoiding hazards, they also use them to express their emotions. 

In general, relaxed whiskers show that they're happy, pushed forward ones show that they're curious and pulled backward ones show that they're threatened. 

  • A cat's kiss is a slow blink.

This shows happiness and trust.

  • Cats make biscuits (knead) to show contentment. 

They do this to their mothers when they are nursing to stimulate the release of milk. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!