Cats Surprising Facts - Series 1, Post 3

  • Cats walk in the same way as giraffes and camels!

Cats, giraffes and camels move both of their right feet first following which they move both of their left feet. There are no animals out there who walk the same way! 

  • Cats' tongues are covered with papillae, these tiny barbs.

Papillae helps cats so much! From stripping flesh off from bones when they hunt, taste, drink and groom. So many different uses!

  • Cats have 230 bones. We hoomans have 206. 

Most of these bones are identical. A cat has 52 - 53 vertebrae whereas we hoomans have 32 - 34. These extra bones in the cat are spaced out and have padding allowing the cat to move more flexibly as well as giving them the ability to spring, turn and twist. We hoomans have collarbones whereas cats do not. 

  • Cats have the biggest eyes relative to their head size of any mammal. 

Just look at Puss in Boots from Shrek!

  • Cats hiss when they feel vulnerable.

Cats often hiss during fights because they feel vulnerable. It's a way to tell the other cat to back off. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!