Complete vs Complementary Foods for Cats

In general, cats require a balanced diet that has high protein content. 

Complete foods for cats provide all of the nutrients including vitamins and minerals that your cat requires. Remember to provide fresh water for them to drink. 

Complementary foods for cats, like Empower Paw's Cats Chicken Gravy Powder are treats that can be occasionally provided. If you feed your cat complementary foods, do take them into account as part of your cat's daily dietary requirements so that they don't gain weight. You can find out exactly how many calories your cat requires according to their weight, health conditions and breed by visiting a vet. 

Complementary foods are a great way to make your cats' life interesting - they add variety, flavour and vitamins to their diet. Think about it... do we as hoomans want to eat the same thing every single day of our lives? Empower Paw's Cats Chicken Gravy Powder when mixed with warm water, forms a delicious gravy with chicken taste and aroma. Add more water to make a soup. The gravy can be used to encourage cats to eat up their complete foods, at the same time increasing their water intake and making sure that they have more variety in the foods that they eat. 

For kittens, they should be on a specially formulated kitten diet. Complementary foods should be fed with care to kittens as many of these out there contain a high amount of calories. Please reduce main meals accordingly when feeding kittens complementary foods. It is important that they have a balanced diet.