Dog Gravy and Cat Gravy - What You Should Know

Following some rigorous taste-testing by cats who are in general way more fussy, we’ve recently launched our chicken gravy powder for dogs. We want to spread the benefits of our product to dogs too and are incredibly excited to get more feedback on our new creations! This article contains lots of information about what you should know about cats gravy and dogs gravy. 

Gravy is commonly loved by both cats and dogs (our cats tend not to eat their food unless there’s gravy on top of it in the same way that we don’t eat our roasts without gravy on top). Like gravy for hoomans, it enhances the smell and taste of the food that they are eating but aside from this, it also increases water intake and makes the texture of the food more attractive. 

Cats and dogs have more nasal sensory receptors relative to their taste buds so it's the smell rather than the taste that stimulates them more when it comes to food. 

  • Gravy in commercial pet food

Gravy is defined as a sauce produced by mixing together meats' fats and juices during cooking with stock and other ingredients. Meats typically consist of chicken, beef, lamb, pork or fish - the fats and juices from these meats are thickened with gelatin, flour, starch i.e. corn or potato.

Many commercial pet food brands make use of grain however grain is not easy to digest for pets, particularly those with digestive problems. This can cause pets to experience symptoms i.e. stomach ache and constipation. 

  • Empower Paw's gravy powders

Empower Paw's gravy powders are hypoallergenic and grain-free, which means they are less likely to cause digestive issues in sensitive pets, or in general, create any disturbances in your pet's diet. Aside from this feature, it also has high protein content and added B vitamins (including taurine for cats) to support health and immunity. It is a versatile product where you can thicken it as much as you like - you can add more water to make a soup or just thicken it as a gravy topper. You can sprinkle on top if your pet prefers a powdered topper. So versatile, so many options!

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  • Hoomans' gravy 

It is important that hooman gravy is not fed to pets. They are likely to be seasoned with garlic, onion and other spices which are poisonous for pets. They are likely to not contain nutrients that your pet needs to support health and immunity i.e. taurine and essential B vitamins. They are likely to contain a high amount of fat content, which can cause weight gain. Some contain artificial preservatives which is in general, harmful for pets. 

  • Why gravy is great for your pet?

Giving your pet gravy is a great way to add variation to your pet's diet - variety is good and encourages them not to be too much of a fussy eater. 

Especially if your pet only likes dry foods, adding a gravy on top can encourage them to get used to wet food. 

Further, if your pet seldom drinks enough water, then a gravy powder mixed with more water to make a soup can help encourage hydration. 

  • Convincing your pet

With pets, they get accustomed to sticking with certain foods. Cats in particular. Especially as gravy / soup is in liquid form, this can be rather unusual for them. 

Our recommended approach is to mix the gravy / soup with solid treats they do like to get them to eat it up. This always work for us. Watch how they lick the bowl clean! 

If you have any questions about Empower Paw's cat gravy or dog gravy or gravy in general, please feel free to get in touch.