Tips to Cool Down Your Cat or Dog This Summer Using Empower Paw's Gravy Powder

We love sunny weather but as temperatures rise, it is important to take extra care to ensure your beloved cat/s or dog/s do not suffer from heatstroke, otherwise known as heat stress. Cats and dogs do not have the ability to respond to heat in the same way as we hoomans do! We can sweat to regulate our body temperature but cats and dogs only have a few around their noses and in their feet. They lose heat mostly by panting and external cooling. Their furry coats increase the risk of them suffering from heatstroke. 

As they cannot cool themselves down as easily as we can, please do be careful to provide them with a shaded place with lots of ventilation and access to fresh drinking water (we change our water every day, especially in the Summer as it gets very hot)!

Using Empower Paw's gravy powder, you can make your beloved cat/s or dog/s:

  • Cold soup / gazpacho

Just add cold water and mix up! Our high-quality, fine gravy powder should dissolve even though the water is cold! You can put ice cubes or cool it down even further in the fridge to make it extra cold. 

  • Ice lollies

Who doesn't love a tasty ice lolly in the Summer? Once you've made a cold soup, you can put the mixture into ice lolly moulds then transfer these into the freezer. Our influencers have gotten extra creative, putting them into paw-shaped moulds. How awesome!


We hope that you and your beloved pet/s enjoy Summer!