Wet vs Dry Foods for Cats?

Both wet and dry foods are good choices. Please make sure that the non-complementary food you feed your cat is complete and balanced taking into account of your cat's age and any health considerations.

In summary of this post, even though cats may prefer one or the other, the best option generally is to feed your cat both wet and dry foods. 

Wet Cat Food

The benefits of wet cat food:

  • Packed in individual cans or pouches which it easier to control the portion of feed
  • Has at least 65% or more moisture content so water intake can be increased (as noted in our FAQs, wet food should not be left out very long)
  • Cats enjoy licking and chewing on the wet food
  • A wide variety of ingredients
  • A mixture of textures

Dry Cat Food

The benefits of dry cat food:

  • Lasts longer when left out in the day for the cat to feed on (unlike wet food) such that it's more convenient for the owner
  • Has a longer shelf life 
  • Reduces plaque and tartar accumulation on cats' teeth
  • Comes in larger bags - 'better value'

Wet or Dry Cat Food?

This is up to your cat! We found that cats which have been fed on both since they were kittens were more likely to eat both. Cats which have been fed only on one of them were more likely to just eat one of them. 

The benefits of both wet and dry food are combined when you feed them both. They get more moisture in their diet from the wet food and the dental benefits associated with the dry food. Not to mention, the combination adds more variety to make their life more tasty and fun. Can we imagine drinking a complete meal replacement drink every single day of the week for the rest of our lives? We can't - we will get sick and tired! Further, as the saying goes, 'Dogs eat. Cats dine.' So make sure that they get variety! Cats are naturally neophiliacs, just like us, who like to experience new things. It is our job to impress them!


For cats who don't like wet foods, you can slowly introduce them by mixing Empower Paw's Cats Chicken Gravy with the dry foods. The gravy has such an inviting chicken aroma to it so it really encourages the cats to eat even though they may not usually go for wet foods. Not to mention that it increases water intake!

Many of our customer feedback has shown that cats enjoy the gravy on top of their dry foods. Look at how the famous meowdels Tommy and Daisy enjoying it!



Other tips

From experience, you can try to see which method of serving your cat likes. Some of mine prefer a large, flat plate. Others, a small bowl. 

Remember to please provide fresh drinking water at all times. Cats need a daily amount of about 100 - 130 grams of water per approx. 2 kg of their body weight.