Why it is so important for your pet to drink water and how Empower Paw can help?

Your pet does not only need a balanced diet but they must drink sufficient amounts of water. Water forms a vital part of their everyday requirements and nutrition. In this post, we summarise why it is so important that they drink sufficient amounts of water and how Empower Paw's gravy powder products can help ensure that they do. 

    • Why your pet needs water?

    The key purpose of water is to transfer nutrients through the body's cells. It aids digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. It also helps to cool the body (especially in hot days) and regulate the body temperature. Every body function requires a sufficient amount of water so in the event of water shortage, dehydration can take place which can risk damage to internal organs such as the kidneys, liver and brain. The greatest risk of dehydration occurs for female pets, which are pregnant and lactating, with metabolic disorders i.e. diabetes and diseases i.e. kidney failure. It is really important to avoid dehydration and its potential effects. 

    • How much water should your pet drink daily?

    A healthy dog should drink c. 40 ml of water per kilogram of its body weight per day. A healthy cat should drink c. 60 ml of water per day. The amount of water intake can depend on a number of factors i.e. age, physical activity and the surrounding temperature. If you are ever unsure, just check with the vet. 

    • How Empower Paw's gravy powder products can help?

    It is critical that you always have water for your pet. Please make sure that the water is changed (we change our pets' water bowls 2x each day) and if you are travelling with your pet, bring a drinking bowl for your pet. Buy a water fountain (even though for most of our cats, it didn't work). Making sure that your pet consumes wet food helps with increasing water intake.

    One of our cats have always struggled with drinking sufficient amounts of water. We just never see him around any water bowl! It is a constant worry for us. To encourage him to drink more water, we make a chicken soup using Empower Paw's gravy powder and pour it over his normal wet / dry food that he likes. This really helps increase his water intake.

    We are developing more tasty and innovative products to help pets overall increase their water intake as we appreciate that certain flavours may appeal to some pets more than others. Keep an eye out but in the meantime, please ensure that your pet drinks sufficient amounts of water!